What a success!

St John's CofE Middle School in Bromsgrove took part in our Flourishing Fivers recently.

Below is the story of class 7ET & their Flourishing Fivers journey!

"On the 8th March 2013, Lucy Baylis from the Primrose Hospice came to our school to talk to us about our forthcoming challenge. She told us about the work that her charity did, caring for very sick people and their families during difficult times. We felt that the Primrose Hospice was the perfect charity for us to help in year 7. Lucy gave each class 4, £5 notes (£20). The aim was to turn that £20 per class into as much money as possibly by holding fundraising events over the next half term. At the time, £20 seemed like nothing! Immediately, we all gathered back in the classroom to compile a list of fundraising ideas and possible events that we could host. We also started to think about local companies who might be able to help us by donating to our fundraising efforts. Several members of 7ET sent emails to various companies out lining our challenge and asking if they were able to donate at all. Within a week, Cadbury’s sent us a voucher and a letter wishing us the best of luck – It was lovely to see that even the big companies cared as much as we do.
We started off our fundraising journey by holding car washes for families and friends. A few members of the class also managed to complete a sponsored silence – which surprised us all! With this extra money, we bought baking ingredients and held an extremely successful bake sale at the school during one break time. We raised £77 in 15 minutes! After this we organised a lunch time Karaoke session for KS3. Forty people turned up to sing their hearts out using the big screen and various Karaoke videos – everyone had a fantastic time, and the winner, Harry-John Ellis, walked away happy with an Easter egg that was kindly donated.
With the fund steadily growing, we decided to buy some frankfurters, bread rolls, ketchup and sweets. We then invited the whole of KS2 to a movie night! Loads of people turned up and enjoyed watching, ‘Ice Age 4’. As this was such a huge success, we then went on to hold a similar event for KS3. Their movie choice was, ‘The Goonies’. We used the funds from the KS2 movie night to buy glow sticks, chocolate bars, drinks and popcorn to sell alongside the hot dogs.
By this time, there seemed to be a rivalry growing between each of the 4 classes in the year group. Every week in assembly our teachers were giving out loads of messages informing the rest of the school about various bake sales and other fundraising ideas that they had in the pipeline. This is when we knew that if we wanted to raise the most, we needed to think big. This is when we came up with, ‘Splat the Teacher’. We knew that the people in the school would not be able to resist the opportunity to throw a soaking wet sponge at a teacher – and not get told off! It was a fun afternoon in which we all got a bit wet. To finish off our fundraising efforts, we spent a small amount of our fund on pick and mix sweets and we exchanged the voucher kindly donated by Cadbury’s for chocolate to sell at a tuck shop during break and lunch times.
We are all very proud of our achievements, and hope that the money that we have raised goes towards making a positive difference in people’s lives.
Thank you for this fantastic opportunity. We have all thoroughly enjoyed the journey."

Thank you class of 7ET! You have done a fantastic job and we are all very proud of you!

If you want more information on how your school can get involved with our Flourishing Fivers campaign, please contact Lucy Baylis on 01527 889797 or email lucy@primrosehospice.org or click on the link below.