Want to scrap your car?

 Are you looking to scrap your car but getting charged for someone to come and collect it? Look no further than Giveacar.co.uk - they will pick your car up for FREE and donate all the proceeds to Primrose Hospice!

It is the UK's first car donation scheme. Giveacar has won several awards and has now supported over 900 charities with the money raised from scrapping old cars. Using a nationwide network of breakers yards and salvage partners, they have handled the auction or disposal of over 8,000 vehicles so they know how to raise the best donation possible, whether the car is in perfect condition or not. If you would like to get rid of an old car and would like raise money for Primrose Hospice at the same time visit giveacar.co.uk/charities/primrose-hospice or call 0207 736 4242 or email support@giveacar.co.uk