The creation of our children's garden

We at Primrose are all very excited that work has commenced on our new children's garden with the fantastic work that is being done by Olivia Kirk Gardens

The garden will be a haven for children to explore their feelings in a safe way. The garden will take them on a magical journey on a winding path, past the sleeping dragon to the fire pit. Here they can carry out both quiet and noisy, explorative work helping them to display feelings in a positive way. Our water feature will be used to explore how it can feel to be bereaved and as a place for children to display their stones which they have decorated in memory of someone special to them. The path will then carry back round to the start completing their journey.

 A generous local donation has enabled the bulk of this work to be completed and further funds and community support are being sought to complete some of the extra features planned. Our Trust Fundraiser, Elaine Jordan, is currently working on bids to fund parts of the garden such as the fire pit and willow arch. We are hoping for the willow arch to be a community project when we can fund it.

Below you can download a PDF of the plans for our Children's Garden. Watch this space for more updates!