Sponsored Head Shave!

Katherine Simpkin raised money for Primrose Hospice by shaving off her lovely, long locks! She did an absolutely fantastic job and has raised an amazing...


We have attached some photos of Katherine having her head shaved and if you would like to support her in her extremely brave fundraising activity please click on the link below.

Here is her story:

"When I was around 10 years old my granddad (Tony Fisher) was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As his cancer progressed The Primrose Hospice did an amazing job in caring for him and helping my grandma with looking after him! So because of there amazing efforts and the fantastic work they did, and still do today for many others, on the 13th of July this year I shall be shaving my hair off at one of his most loves places Loton Park Hill Climb.

Motor sport was a passion of his and runs in the family. My grandma (Pat Fisher) and him did the tulip rally as a honey moon, and my granddad did many rally's throughout the years. One of his last being the 'Claret and Classic' in France with my mom. He also did a lot of hill climb events, which has run in the family for years, and we have many cabinets full of various trophies he got for various awards! On his 70th birthday and last ever hill climbing event he raced at he raced with the number 70 on his car.

since my Granddad has died my mom has done various fund raising for the primrose at Loton involving my granddads old mini that his old rally partner and good family friend 'Whizzo' drove to open the Hill in the morning and after lunch giving both my grandma and myself rides in, so I figured its not my turn to give back!"

Please support Katherine and her extremely brave effort at www.justgiving.com/KatherineSimpkin-headshave/