Primrose Hospice Make a Will in May 2014

Making a Will and keeping it updated is one of the most important things that you do in your life...

However, many of us do not get around to doing it. Primrose Hospice hopes to change that this May with the help of Benson Williams – a Midlands based Will writing firm. For every Will  made in May they will donate 50% of their fee back to the Hospice.

A Will is important no matter what age you are. Having a Will is not just about who inherits your money, it is also about protection for your family and about you making the decisions as to what happens when you die, so it is better being prepared than leaving it to chance.

Whether you are married, have your own property, are getting divorced, have children or live with your partner, a Will ensures that your personal assets pass to the people you care about and want to protect.

To request an appointment please call the Primrose Hospice Fundraising team on 01527 889796.  A representative from BensonWilliams will call you to arrange a date and time convenient to you in the comfort of your home.

Please remember that 50% of BensonWilliams Will fees made in May 2014 will be donated to Primrose Hospice, your local hospice.

Costs for Wills