Primrose Hospice BIG Appeal - Around the World for 80 days of care!

We have raised a fantastic:


We are so thrilled with the amazing support we have received from our local community and supporters throughout the country. We have had a fantastic piece written by one of our lovely colleagues, Elaine Jordan, our Trusts Fundraiser. 

"From Patient to Payroll at Primrose

In 1996, whilst working as a senior manager in Birmingham City Council I fell ill big time. Until then I had enjoyed excellent health, my job, regular sport, good family and friends. Now I was having a nervous breakdown, and set to lose all that defined me. During the years that were to follow I was forced to think long and hard about how I came to be in this situation and how to get out of it. I travelled a long and frightening road that kept me isolated and unable to function. I had a myriad of dreadful physical symptoms, compounded by agoraphobia which made leaving the house difficult at best, and sometimes impossible.

What follows is an account of my cloud that had a silver lining………..
In 2004, I received an appointment from Worcestershire Health Authority inviting me for my first routine mammogram. Impossible, how could I go through with that when I couldn’t buy a stamp from the Post Office; and so reluctantly I didn’t attend. 12 months later I received the same letter, but this time, despite little improvement in my psychological state, with the help of medication and my friend I went. Then, just when I thought I could go through no more, I was diagnosed with breast cancer; from that day onwards Primrose became part of my life, and still is.

The Breast Cancer Nurse that I was assigned to was brilliant. She got ‘the picture’ very quickly and realised, as I did, that I would need a tremendous amount of help and support to be able to get through the surgery, radiotherapy and medical appointments that were to follow. Primrose agreed that I could have access to its counselling and complementary therapy services, and because of my difficulties, they broke with protocol and came to me at home. This gesture gave me instant assurance that I was being cared for holistically, and I gained confidence and hope. I knew that Primrose had ‘care’ at its core like rock has ‘Blackpool’. Together with my GP, Breast Care Nurse, Surgeon, Oncologist, family and friends, Primrose got me through a situation that at first seemed impossible to me.

Fast forward to 2014 ……....

I now find myself in a very fortunate situation. With my husband I run a business and enjoy sport again. For the past 7 years I have been a volunteer at Primrose, doing a whole host of things including, reception work, organising a craft fair and helping with many other fundraising activities. Also, for the past 6 years I have been on the Primrose Payroll as the Trust Fundraiser. Last year I raised over £70,000 from Trusts and Foundations that supported the excellent and much valued services provided by Primrose Hospice for patients, families and carers.

Please continue to support the Primrose Hospice ‘Big Appeal’; like me you may need support from Primrose yourself one day."

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