Please support Gill!

 Gill Potter was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2012 and has continued to battle with the disease. She decided last year that she wanted 2015 to be the year she did something out of her comfort zone and saw no better way than to take part in a skydive whilst raising money for Primrose Hospice.

When asked about her decision Gill said, “I have been so impressed with the work that Primrose Hospice do and the support that they have given me and others that I wanted to give something back and I thought I would challenge myself”.

Unfortunately, Gill’s excitement was short-lived when her Oncologist recommended that she should not take part due to her weakened sternum bone. “When I was told that I shouldn’t do the jump I was really upset. I felt like I was letting down the lovely people who had supported me”. On hearing the news that Gill wasn’t able to jump, her Brother-in-Law, Tony Vine, stepped up to the challenge. He told us his reasons why, “I lost my Brother to Cancer 12 months ago so it a cause very close to my heart. I have always wanted to do a skydive, I really cannot wait”.

Both Gill and Tony have been overwhelmed with the generous sponsorship they have been given which has meant that Gill more than doubled her original target of £500 and have now increased this too £2,000. Gill and Tony would both like to thank LG Harris, Alan R Prince Flowers, Ryland Centre, family, friends and work colleagues who have given fantastic support.

If you would like to help Gill and Tony reach their target then please go to their online fundraising page, If you would like more information on how to take part in Primrose Hospice “Parachute for Primrose” challenge then please give the Fundraising Team a call on 01527 889796.