Peter Lee Smith - Midnight Walk Triumph!

Done it! Conditions were just right for a fast time last night, a flat course, temperatures just above freezing and no wind or rain, visibility throughout the route was pretty good so it felt really good to be walking. I completed the 13+ miles in just over 3 hours, that's nearly an hour faster than my target, achieving an average speed of 6.7 km an hour. I've never walked so fast for so long! I was supported by my daughter, Kate, who came down to cheer me on on the first lap. Just to prove that I really did the whole half marathon I attach a photograph of me at the finish. The event was really well organised by hospice staff and friends, which made it a real pleasure to do. Everything ran (walked) really smoothly.
So thank you very much to all my sponsors, together we have achieved a lot for the hospice, which was the whole point of the exercise. You can pay up now and I'm particularly grateful to those people who challenged me to complete in under 4 hours and even more pleased to take the extra money off them! The best way to contribute is through the Just Giving website PeterLee-Smith if you hover your mouse over my name you will see that Control and click will take you straight there. Alternatively you can send me a cheque made payable to Primrose Hospice. Do it now before the working week begins!
Of course, if you receive this e-mail and have not yet contributed but would like to now that I have proved I can do it, then I will be delighted to have your name added to the list. As soon as I have the bulk of the money in, I will e-mail you all and let you know how much I managed to raise but I'm hoping to achieve over £700, almost 3 times my original target, thanks to your generosity.