Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a simple way for employees to give to Primrose.

How a Payroll Scheme is set up

It is simple and straightforward. There is no cost, other than a little administration time initially to set the scheme up and once a month, one payment is sent to a payroll giving agency, who then distributes payments to the appropriate charities.

Primrose recommends South West Charitable Giving as the Agency to use for your Payroll Giving Scheme. Click here to link to their website.

Your company will need to:

Details on tax benefits can be obtained by clicking here.

For Employees

By having your donations deducted from your gross pay before tax, you can increase the value of your contributions to your favourite charity(ies). For example, if a basic rate tax payer decides to donate £10.00 a month to Primrose via Payroll Giving, the net cost to them is £7.80 - the remaining £2.20 is paid from the Income Tax which would otherwise have been passed to the Treasury.

You choose the charity(ies) you wish to support - we hope you decide to support Primrose!

Your employer will send the money to South West Charitable Giving, who will then send the money on to your chosen charity.

You can increase/decrease the amount you donate, opt in or out of the scheme or add further charities at any time. However it is suggested that you do this no more than once every 6 months.

If your employee doesn’t currently have a Payroll Giving Scheme, why not suggest that they begin one?

Businesses supporting Primrose Hospice through Payroll Giving

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