Parachute for Primrose 2014...a look back!

We had a fantastic turn out with Parachute for Primrose in 2014. Here are some photos that we have had sent in from two of our lovely skydivers and their reasons behind taking on the amazing challenge.

Julie: "life limiting illness has touched me professionally & personally , I value the support that hospices provide , feeling a great sense of achievement right now."

Melinda: "The reason I chose this type of fundraiser is easy: a parachute jump is on my bucket list. Why I chose to do it for Primrose Hospice is a bit more complex. In March 2014 my grandmother passed away in a hospice in Texas. I understand that the care she received was fantastic. But who in the UK would want to sponsor me to raise money for a hospice 5,000 miles away? Then I remembered that my friend and secretary told me about the equally wonderful care her sister had received when she was in Primrose Hospice prior to her death. So when the opportunity came up to participate in this event, I didn't think twice about it."

Megan: "The reason I decided to do the Skydive was for personal and professional reasons really.  My mum died 4 years ago of Breast Cancer that spread to her brain and she died at the Primrose. The care she received there by the staff was exceptional, and because she's not here in anymore, I wanted to give back and say my thanks. My mum was a nurse all of her life and she raised money for charities when she first became ill, so I knew this was something she'd want me to do. Especially as it was a skydive.. the scarier the better! I also wanted to support the Primrose as I am a student nurse at the moment, in my 2nd year of training, and I've worked with a lot of patients - some at the end of their life having palliative care. I know from them how useful they found the Primrose and as a Student nurse, I understand how important what you do at the hospice and the day centres, and your support services really is. I have worked at the Princess of Wales for periods of time, infact I'm there this afternoon, and I really appreciate the time and effort the staff at the Primrose put in.
I only wish I could have raised more for you!"

If you would like more information on Parachute for Primrose 2015 taking place on Saturday 25th July 2015 then please email or call the Fundraising team on 01527 889796.

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