Cash 4 Coins 13 November 2012

Here at Primrose Hospice we’ve come up with a novel way of raising funds in these difficult financial times.

Many of us have some old foreign currency, either notes or coins and perhaps some old UK or Irish decimal coins. For the most part it sits in change jars and junk drawers never to be used again - especially if it is from countries where the currency has changed to the Euro.

Not only this but banks and bureau de changes won’t exchange any foreign coins back into cash. Which means it’s basically worthless!

However, here at Primrose Hospice we now accept all worldwide currency and can use this leftover currency as a valuable source of fundraising.

What can we accept?

Let us turn your foreign coins into a valuable donation.!

It is estimated that there is £100 million in old or foreign coins across the UK that can be used for good causes so why not dig out yours and donate it to Primrose Hospice today?

Simply click here to donate your foreign coins and notes to Primrose Hospice: