Make a Will in May 2013

Making a Will and keeping it updated is one of the most important things that you can do in your life. However, many of us do not get around to doing it.

Primrose Hospice hopes to change this in May with the help of Thomas Horton LLP Solicitors. For every Will made in May a proportion of their fees will be donated to Primrose Hospice.

A Will is important no matter what age you are. Having a Will is not just about who inherits your money, it is also about protection for your family and about you making the decisions as to what happens when you die, so it is better being prepared than leaving it to chance.
Whether you are married, have your own property, are getting divorced, have children or live with your partner, a Will ensures that your personal assets pass to the people you care about and want to protect.
A will is important when...

Tina Circus, Head of Wills, Trusts and Probate says,

“Life does not always work out how you expect and when you face personal loss, it helps families deal with the situation if provision has been made for them. In the case of children, sorting out who will act as guardians is so important and knowing that a Will is in place can give many people peace of mind that they are following someone’s wishes.”

“Wills are documents with very specific requirements to make them valid and if they are not written correctly, they may not have the desired effect. I would therefore recommend anyone, especially if their circumstances are at all unusual, to consider instructing a firm with the relevant expertise when drafting their Will.” 

If you would like to find out more about Will writing or to book an appointment, then please call Thomas Horton LLP on 01527 839404 or 01527 871641 or visit 

Appointments are available every Wednesday in May at the Hospice.

Please remember that 40% of Thomas Horton’s Will fees made in May 2013 will be donated to Primrose Hospice, your local hospice.

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