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A chance to win....a way to care

Win £1,000 each week plus many more prizes!

Think of what you could do with £1,000. Take a well earned holiday, make some home improvements, buy a new wardrobe or treat the family - the opportunities are endless!

There are GUARANTEED 53 prizes each week with the Primrose Lottery


1st prize £1000
2nd prize £200
3rd prize £50
plus 50 prizes of £5

No need to check your number each week to claim a prize. The computer sends out winners' cheques automatically. If you do want to check the winning numbers yourself, simply look on our website or call in to any of Primrose Hospice shops or check the Bromsgrove or Redditch Advertiser.

Even if you aren't lucky enough to be one of our 53 prize winners, every week you will still be a winner in our eyes as your £1.00 will help us to continue to provide care for all our patients and their families here at Primrose Hospice.

By supporting the Primrose Lottery not only will you have a chance to win, you will also be helping us to meet the costs of our vital care.

For your chance to be a winner, apply today!

Apply now or call Martin Howell on 01527 889798 for an application form.

Registered with Bromsgrove District Council
Primrose Hospice Charity No: 700272
Promoter: Philip Nunnerley FCIB

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