Little Heath Garden Centre doing the Dive!

Sarah Troth from Little Heath Garden Centre, Bromsgrove is Parachuting for Primrose on 26th October!

Sarah lives locally in Rednal and with her fiancé, Martin and her 9 year old daughter, Amelia. Sarah said, ‘I’ve worked in the Aquatics Department for two and a half years and I love my job! They guys here at Little Heath are a great team. As soon as the idea of a fundraiser was mentioned, I felt compelled to be a part of it. The family here at Little Heath have always been very supportive of the Primrose Hospice and the admirable work they do. Nobody likes to think about the devastating circumstances that could easily happen to any of us, at any time. We just don’t know what’s around the corner. The unconditional support and understanding the Primrose Hospice provides at these times is simply priceless. This was my chance to make a contribution and being a motorcyclist for almost 20 years, the chance to experience something so exhilarating for such a good cause was just too appealing!’

It will also be Sarah’s birthday on the day of the jump!

Good luck Sarah and Happy Birthday! 

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