History of the Hospice

1987 - Primrose Hospice opens at Hilltop

2003 - Work begins on a new £560,000 extension to the existing St Godwalds site

2004 - New extension completed and patients benefit from the new facility
           Primrose at the Princess’ opens to patients
           New extension at the Day Hospice and Primrose at the Princess’
           officially opened by the Duchess of Gloucester 

2008 - Primrose celebrates 21 years and an additional extension links the old
           building to the to the ‘new completed extension’

2009 - Dedicated night service opened

2010 - Primrose was awarded a grant of £716,000 to build the New Family Support

2011 - Family Support Building ‘Coppice’ opened

2012 - Primrose Celebrates 25 years.

2013 - More detail to follow