Have you ever touched a cloud?

We’ve got an amazing fundraising story to share. Elaine Bingham recently raised £610 for Primrose by jumping off a mountain in Turkey! Elaine jumped off a 1,700ft mountain attached only to a parachute and a dashing instructor. Elaine was very keen to jump, especially as the drive to the top of the mountain was scarier than the jump itself!

The highlight of the jump was when the instructor asked her “have you ever touched a cloud?” He then steered the parachute so Elaine could pass through a cloud! She was surprised that it: “felt damp but was actually still white and fluffy!”

Elaine enjoyed 30 minutes of coasting over incredible views of the Turkish countryside and landed safely after the experience of a lifetime!

To top the weekend off, on the last Friday her husband won the two top prizes on their resort’s bingo. Unable to take advantage of the prizes due to lack of time, they sold their prize to a fellow holidaymaker for £50 and added the money to Elaine’s sponsorship!