Greenlands Business Centre Supports Hospice

When Veronica Panting of the Greenlands Business Centre learnt that the Primrose Hospice were celebrating their 25th Anniversary with the campaign "Loose Change Makes Big Changes" she started fundraising.
Veronica said "When a tenant donated an unwanted gift, it was a good excuse to raise some money for charity.  Primrose reminded me that even if you can only raise small amounts it soon mounts up if everyone joins in.  We now have a collection can in the Greenlands Business Centre for our tenants to drop any loose change they have to help support the local cancer charity.  I will be saving my small coins to bring in to work and I hope others will do the same".
Wendy Stokes, Fundraising Officer at Primrose Hospice said "Our collection cans raise £8,000 each year and in this current climate people may not be able to afford to give as much as they would like to charity, giving small change is a way to make a difference without necessarily missing it". 
Cllr Rebecca Blake, who also works for a local company in the Business Centre said "If you work for a large company there are often more opportunities for staff to get involved in charity giving than if you work for a small company.  This is a good way for the small businesses at the centre to take part in fundraising for a vital charity such as the Primrose Hospice and I hope more businesses in Redditch will get involved by contacting Primrose Hospice on 01527 889796".