Goodbye to our friend and chief.

Alvin began his journey with Primrose Hospice as a volunteer, he was asked to join the board of trustees and then in December 2004 he became Chief Executive Officer.

Since then the organisation has gone from strength to strength.

His achievements include:

2003 - Work begins on a new £560,000 extension to the existing St Godwalds site

2004 - New extension completed and patients benefit from the new facility Primrose at the Princess’ opens to patients. New extension at the Day Hospice and Primrose at the Princess’ officially opened by the Duchess of Gloucester

2008 - Primrose celebrates 21 years and an additional extension links the old
building to the to the ‘new completed extension’

2009 - Dedicated night service opened

2010 - Primrose was awarded a grant of £716,000 to build the New Family Support

2011 - Family Support Building ‘Coppice’ opened

2012 - Primrose Celebrates 25 years.

John Burman, past Chairman of Primrose Hospice said,

"Alvin and I go back a few years. I arrived, tolerably well versed in matters medical and hopelessly unable to grasp things fiscal. Alvin was a great teacher but I fear never really got me beyond first grade in accountancy. His command of numbers and their significance was awe inspiring and the care with which he nurtured every one of our financial ventures was inspirational.

We started with a rejection of our bid for the new building and indeed looking back, our predecessors had made a bit of a fist of it. Then there was our lottery which was not exactly flying and the strange matter of the lack of pound coins in our charity pots. All these were put to rights in short order and we never looked back. Indeed, it seemed to me that whenever Alvin put forward a submission for funds the authorities gave it one glance and caved in. Our buildings are a testament to his skill and determination and we are everlastingly grateful."

Ivor Stephenson vice Chairman Primrose Hospice remembers Alvin – a man for our time but the end of an era.

"Alvin will be greatly missed. He has been a man for our time at Primrose Hospice and has overseen 2 major capital developments, massive improvements in financial management and shop development and a wealth of benefits in the overall general management of facilities.

Alvin and I have always had an understanding that we would tell each other if we had reached our sell-by date but he is deserting me before his time."

Our Fundraising Manager, Lyn Winters, has worked with Alvin for thirteen years and remembers it as quite a journey.

"I feel privileged to have worked alongside a true professional - Primrose Hospice is an amazing place Alvin should feel very proud of the development of the site and the services offered. From everyone at Primrose thank you."