Congratulations to our skydivers!

On Saturday, June 8th, 12 of our lovely skydivers took part in Parachute for Primrose. It was a cold, but adrenaline filled morning followed by a champagne filled afternoon!

We have some fantastic photos to share with you and their stories as to why they decided to take on the huge challenge. To view more of our skydivers photos, please go to the drop down above "Fundraising" and click on "Photo Galleries".

Ben Ward:

"In January 2012 my mother-in-law was diagnosed with Cancer. We found out it was from a kidney that had been removed 2 years earlier. It eventually spread into her bones & we were then told that there was no cure after a couple of rounds of radiotherapy.

My wife & her sisters & brothers were looking after her when she became too poorly to go out then ended up bed ridden. My mother-in-law wanted to pass away at home so we all did our best to make her last wish happen.

Macmillan nurses came in daily along with other carers & my wife or one of her siblings were always there day & night.

The day before she passed away it was suggested it was best for Kath to go into the Primrose Hospice where she would be really well looked after & be able to pass away peacefully.

My wife & her one brother really didn't want her to go as they'd promised their Mom, but in the end decided it was for the best.

So, on Friday 29th June she was taken in & her daughters went too. They couldn't believe the change in their Mom. Almost instantly she seemed to be feeling relaxed & peaceful (something they'd not seen in months) The nurses were so lovely, friendly & caring that when they eventually left her on Friday evening, they knew she was in the right place.

Kath passed away the next day & although she wasn't in the hospice long we all knew what a wonderful place this was. I vowed within a few days I would do something like this to raise money for the hospice, then my wife saw the jump advertised on Facebook & I knew it was the perfect chance to raise some money."

Lesley Jennings:

"I am a physiotherapist and see quite a few patients who are terminally ill and thought for my birthday I would do something I am scared off (I am not a fan of heights) and get everyone to donate to a good cause (as the work you do is priceless to patients and their families) instead of giving me a gift!"

Helen Stead:

I’m a recently separated Mom of two young boys aged 7 and 9. In January of this year, on my birthday, both the boys and myself were in a rather nasty car crash, one which incredibly we all managed to walk away from. Experiences like this do make you think how lucky you are to be alive! I do believe I have been blessed in my life – I have my children and I have my health. Some people are not as lucky as me.

For this reason I feel honoured to have been asked to do this once in a lifetime experience for such a truly amazing cause – Primrose Hospice do amazing work and many of us I’m sure, whether direct or indirect, will come into close contact with them and I believe they deserve all the help they can get.

It is still not to late to support our June jumpers at their following on line fundraising pages:

Ben Ward:

Lesley Jennings :

Helen Stead :

Rebecca Clarke:

Melissa Felsbourg:

Sabine Jegouzo:

Katy Power:

Carrie Turner:

If you are interested in doing a Skydive, we still have limited places available for our July and August dates. To register please click on the relevant link below:

Saturday, July 20th :

Saturday, August 17th :

Please be aware that as both dates are coming up to use quickly, Primrose Hospice aren't guaranteed the places by the Airfield, it really is a first come first serve basis.

For more information please contact Fundraising Assistant, Katie Willington, on  

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