Primrose Choir


Primrose Choir's Christams Concert!  7pm on11th December 2015 at the Spadesbourne Suite, Bromsgrove.

With Roger Powell as Master of Ceremonies and the choir from Astwood Bank First School. Tickets only £9 form 01527 67383 and 01527 546158. The choir is looking forward to their Christmas concert, after the huge success of their Primrose Prom with the West Mercia Police band, who gave a rousing performance. The choir from Walkwood School was a particular highlght of a lovely evening.

About the Choir...

Public Concerts

The Choir gives three public concerts a year,
- Summer concert in June
- A Primrose Proms in October
- A Christmas concert in December

The public concerts also showcases the talents of local school choirs. The 2015 Summer Concert will feature the choir from St Mary’s Roman Catholic School, Studley.

Tickets for all the Choir’s Concerts are available on 01527 67383 and 01527 546158 and via the Primrose Hospice Fundraising Team.

Primrose Proms Concert, October
The Primrose Proms Concert this year is on Friday, October 16th, at Routh Hall in Bromsgrove School. The Proms always features a band and the West Midlands Police Band will again be performing and making the evening appropriately rousing. This year the choir from Walkwood School in Redditch will take part for the first time.

Primrose Christmas Concert
The Christmas Concert is on Friday, December 11th at the Spadesbourne Suite. The very popular choir from Astwood Bank First School will also be there.

The public concerts give the Choir an opportunity to showcase the musical talent of local young people. The many school choirs featured over the years have performed brilliantly and shown that the next generation is already very accomplished musically.

Private Events

The choir performs for organisations or individuals all over North East Worcestershire. They are available at all times of day and can provide entertainment for any kind of social occasion. The repertoire is varied with an emphasis on light music. They perform all kinds of events including:

- Weddings
- Funerals
- Memorial services for Primrose Hospice
- After-dinner concerts
- Garden parties
- Birthdays and anniversaries
- Corporate events
- Club events

To book the choir, please contact Kay or Pamela via the details below.

The Choir has an arrangement with all the local Funeral Directors to sing at funerals if any family wants a Choir to be there. This can be a great support to the bereaved,particularly when the congregation is small. The repertoire contains a number of pieces suitable for such serious occasions.

History of the Choir

- The choir was started in April 2000 by Kay Hadley, Musical Director, to raise funds for Primrose Hospice
- From the original small group, the choir has grown to over 50 members with substantial soprano and alto sections and a strong group of tenors and basses.
- The members have joined for widely varying reasons and all have found it a great source of pleasure and often comfort for themselves, most staying for many years.
- The choir has raised tens of thousands of pounds for the hospice
- The choir gives three public concerts a year, alongside many private performances.

Joining the Choir

New members are warmly welcomed. No audition or previous singing experience is required. All that is needed is that members should enjoy singing and want to support the hospice. The Choir practises on Wednesday evenings at the Hospice from 8 – 10pm.

Contact the choir

If you would like to book or join the choir, please contact:
Kay Hadley, Musical Director - 01527 546158

Tickets for all the Choir’s Concerts are available on 01527 67383 (Pamela Powley), 01527 546158 (Kay Hadley) and via the Hospice Fundraising Team.

Previous Concerts

Last year all the Concerts were very successful and continued to raise very substantial amounts for the Hospice. This year the Summertime Concert took place on June 19th at Redditch Town Hall. It was as successful as ever and a great fun evening, loosely based around VE Day. The Primrose Choir was again joined by the choir from Studley St Mary’s Roman Catholic School. As usual, the children gave a delightful performance.They have previously produced remarkable soloists from among their number and this year was no exception.