Children's Family Support Team

The Children's family Support Team is a team of volunteers, all of whom have a background working with children and in addition have received specific training in listening to and supporting children at times when a special person in their life has a life threatening illness or has died.

Children need to be told about illness in words they can understand and in an appropriate manner. Honesty is important.  It is always difficult to tell children distressing news, but they quickly pick up on feelings and atmosphere and they may of guessed that something is wrong. Not knowing the truth is scary. When children know the truth, it helps them cope.

When a member of a family has a life-limiting illness children may wish to help.  They have a need to 'do what they can' too and memories of helping may well be comforting later. Memories are very special . They are unique to each person, but ours to recall whenever we choose.Memories are in the mind but there can be other memories too - ones that we can plan to leave behind when we go.

One way of achieving this is to make a Memory Box. A memory Box is often a simple box. Into the box can be placed any item which you feel will bring special memories to mind.

You can help build memories for your loved ones that they will always have. You can sort through photographs - and include small tokens, which have a sentimental meaning and value. You can also include cards and letters for the future or even make audio or video records.

The possessions in the box are not family property, to be shared by others. They will belong only to the individual. Your loved one can go to it whenever they choose in privacy. They can mourn in their own time and in their own way without necessarily involving others.

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