Celebrating 30 years of Volunteers Week!

This week marks the 30th anniversary of Volunteers Week. It is a chance to celebrate & thank volunteers & all the invaluable work that they do. At Primrose Hospice, we would not function without the amazing support from our volunteers! 

Please keep a look out throughout the week for blogs from staff & volunteers!

A big 'thank you' from our CEO, Helen Garfield:

"Here at Primrose Hospice we are privileged to have over 250 volunteers who support us regularly. Without this huge band of committed individuals we would not be able to function in the way that we do.

Our volunteers help in every way imaginable from helping us raise our much needed funds to providing companionship to our patients. Many of our qualified providers (such therapists and counsellors) are volunteers too who willingly give of their time and knowledge.

We have volunteers who drive patients to and from the Hospice, who help on reception answering calls and providing a warm professional welcome and others who come week in week out in their wellies to tend our beautiful grounds so patients can enjoy a plethora of colour all year round. Our board of Trustees must not be forgotten as they are all volunteers too!

There as so many people who help in so many ways that I can’t possibly list them all and if I tried I know I would miss someone out. What I would like to say is a huge THANK You to everyone who volunteers in any way to support us. We would not be here without you!" - Helen Garfield, CEO

From Volunteer to Fundraiser by Lucy Baylis:

"I have been very fortunate in having the pleasure of both being a volunteer for Primrose Hospice and understanding their value as a member of staff. I first started volunteering in 2010 in the shops whilst studying and got involved in the fundraising department later that year. I thoroughly enjoyed helping out with the events and feeling like I was giving something back to such a great cause and I was ecstatic when I was asked me to be a part of the team. I continued volunteering in the shops right up until the end of studies and my role of Community Fundraiser expanded. I do not know what we‘d do without the help of some of our wonderful volunteers. They really make Primrose Hospice feel like a family and I am so humbled by the time they dedicate to us. Thank you to every single one of them." - Lucy Baylis, Community Fundraiser

Our Lights Army!

"Our Lights of Love and Tree of Lights Campaign is our largest annual campaign and without the help of all of our volunteers for their time and commitment none of it would be possible. There wouldn’t be enough hours in the day to fulfil all of the many tasks our Lights Army complete in order to ensure that all of the tribute books and remembrance cards are in place each week. A very huge thank you to you for making this campaign a success." - Sandra Albright, Fundraising Assistant

Out in the Community

"Our Community collection cans has seen an amazing increase in revenue and now raises over £8,000 in loose change and we don’t want to stop there! This is only achievable due to the volunteers involved in all areas, including the collections which must appear relentless at times, counting and banking, preparation of cans including drilling holes and adding chains!. Thank you so much to you all for making this another success." - Sandra Albright, Funrdraising Assistant

Volunteering creates a "warm glow"

"Volunteering can take many forms but sometimes can come over as a bit of a chore but something we should all be involved in as it is "worthy". It is far better to do your volunteering in the guise of something you really enjoy. For me that is the choir. I love to sing and as soon as I read about a choir that was directly linked to a Hospice I knew that was the sort of thing I wanted to be involved in. Then, having had a great old sing we hear about how much money we have raised and you get a really "warm glow". We are fortunate to realise just how directly we can contribute. I wouldn't like to give it up." - Janie Ayling, Volunteer in Primrose Choir