Briefing report from the Board of Trustees meeting on 4th October 2010

Heather Coughlin, Family Support Team Leader presented an excellent report on the development of the Family Support Service during which embraces the following services delivered by both professional staff and trained volunteers.
• Citizen’s advice
• Family Support workers
• Chaplaincy service
• Children’s Family Support
• Counselling
• Memory Boxes and books
Demands for all aspects of the service continue to grow with demands on the counselling service being particularly high. The Board extended their gratitude to all those volunteers who provide dedicated and tireless support without which the service would not run.

Phil Guise our long standing Solicitor and Company Secretary has resigned from the Board due to pressure of professional work. The Board paid tribute to his hard work and committed support over the years.

Dr Belinda Keogh has also resigned having moved from the area.

Chris Bovey a partner in MFG Solicitors in Bromsgrove has been invited to join the Board as Company Secretary.

The development project to provide accommodation for the Family Support Services is progressing well and is on schedule. The new pond has been completed and has been beautifully done. The development is scheduled to be completed in late February with occupancy in April.

CEO’s Report
It was confirmed that under the latest reorganization the Community Health Services, including Palliative Care, would combine with the Mental Health Trust. The Board expressed concern about when the Provider Services would engage with the G.P’s in relation to the wider Political reorganisation of the NHS.

• Trading figures for the Hospice Shops during the last six months were very encouraging.
• The recent Ball organised by the Ambassadors had raised £22.5k for the three hospices.
• Consideration was being given to the possibility of opening a shop in The Square at Alvechurch.
Care Report
Libby Mytton reported that between April and September there had been 50 referrals to the Day Hospice, this compared with 56 in the whole of 2008/9 and 2009/10. Day Hospice staff are very pleased with the increase in activity.
The increasing demand on the Family Support Service was putting pressure on waiting times.