Briefing report from Board of Trustees Meeting on 2nd August 2010

Briefing report from Board of Trustees Meeting on 2nd August 2010

• Audited accounts for the year ending 31st March 2010 were approved.

• Thanks were expressed to every one involved in the successful Ascot and Golf days.

• Primrose Choir were congratulated and thanked in their celebration of 10 years        supporting the hospice.

• Care Report

• Referrals to the day Hospice, Outpatients, Physiotherapy and Primrose at Home had increased by 10% over the first quarter compared to 2009.

• The inspection report from the Care Quality Commission was generally positive. Six requirements for improvement are being addressed. The report will appear on their website soon.

• The county wide Rapid Response service for home care is due to start in September and new carers are being recruited.

• The education initiative approved by the board in June, to provide education and training in palliative care for the wider community including care homes is due to start in September. This will be run for a 6 month trial period in the first instance.

• Written reports were received from each of the team leaders on the full range of services.

• CEO’s Report

• Development of the Family Support Education Building funded by a government grant of £716,000 is steaming ahead. The first sods of earth will be cut by the two local MPs on 17th September with contract completion in late February 2011.

• The board discussed at length a number of documents relating to both local and national reorganisation of the NHS following policy statements by the coalition government. Concern was expressed over the effect that changes in commissioning would have on future Hospice funding.

• A small shop in New Road (near the station) will be rented for a trial period in order to promote fundraising events.

• The CEO reported that ‘things are tough’ in maintaining fundraising due to the recession and that staff were working very hard. However, shop sales were holding up well. The Lottery also continued to prosper with membership now at 4073.