Primrose Hospice BIG Appeal - Around the World for 80 days of care! 24 June 2015

Please help us to reach our BIG Appeal target of £100,000 to provide care for 80 days.

Last year we supported nearly 900 people through our Day Hospice, Primrose at Home and Family Support services.

We must raise £1.6 million every year to provide FREE care, advice and support to patients and their families who live locally to you in the North East Worcestershire area.

Only 20% of this is provided by the NHS and that is why we need YOUR help.

More and more people need our help and we desperately want to avoid having to turn people away.

Craig and Charlie's Story:

"We all hope that we never have to call on Primrose Hospice, but until you do need them, most of us will take their services for granted without giving a second thought as to where the money has come from to provide their priceless support. I was as guilty as anyone until the day I needed Primrose Hospice. Hopefully after reading my story you will realise how invaluable your donations are.

When we needed help Primrose Hospice was there for us

My late wife Helen was diagnosed with breast cancer when our son Charlie was just six weeks old. Our lives soon changed from the happiest time of our lives to one of utter devastation. Helen received treatment and got through this traumatic time in her life with the help and support of everyone around her. Everything seemed to be going to plan when disaster struck nearly five years later as Helen was diagnosed with breast cancer again. 

This time there was no chance of any treatment to cure Helen; she was told it was terminal. She was determined that cancer would not stop her from enjoying herself but deep down she knew that one day it would get her. Two months after her diagnosis she was stopped in her tracks one night with an infection for which she needed hospital treatment. The hospital remained Helen's home for the last four months of her life.

Not only was Helen being cared for but Charlie and I were being cared for as well with regular counselling sessions provided by Primrose Hospice. For the first time in a long time we all felt as if a set of arms had been put around us and the words "she's in a safe place now" were constantly being whispered in our ears.

Words can't explain what Primrose Hospice did for our family

On 27th September at 2pm Helen could not fight anymore and at the young age of 41 she was taken from us. The toughest thing of all was telling a five year old that he was never going to see his Mummy again. Primrose Hospice had helped Charlie collate a memory box full of special memories of his Mummy, especially the teddy bear that they had told him to keep by his Mummy whilst she was in the hospital that he cherishes every day. Two years after her death we still visit our friends at the hospice and call on their vital services. We will always be indebted to everyone there, they all made a very difficult journey easier to deal with. Words can't explain what Primrose Hospice did for our family, the unbelievable thing is we did not have to spend a penny for it.

Every penny you donate is priceless

As someone who has experienced this first hand all I can say is please, please, please make a donation and keep making them as you will never appreciate how vital these services are until you need them. If Primrose Hospice wasn't there, I don't know what we would have done.

Thank you for reading our story"

Craig and Charlie Bird

• £12 would pay for a patient’s lunch for 1 week
• £26 would pay for a memory box for one of our patients children
• £57 would pay for 1 hours specialist care at home for a patient
• £1.6 million would run all the hospice services at Primrose Hospice for a year



PHBA01 £12/£26/£57 to 70070


01527 889796 to donate over the phone by card


Download the donation form below and post it to: BIG Appeal, Primrose Hospice, St Godwalds Road, Bromsgrove, B60 3BW (please do not post cash, please make cheques payable to 'Primrose Hospice').


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