A Patient's Poem

One of our patients here at Primrose Hospice has written a fantastic poem which we would love for you to read!  Thank you Joan for your kind words.

At Primrose Hospice

I know a place where our needs are met,
Where what you see is what you get
And where, at the end, our minds are set
At Primrose Hospice

The staff are kind and they treat us well.
If we’re feeling low, they seem to tell
And the great thing is, there’s no big sell
At Primrose Hospice

The volunteers are all extremely kind
They chat away to relieve one’s mind
And you can always tell what truths they find
At Primrose Hospice

And so we’re helped in every way
To get through our “end of life” each day
And, thanks be to God, we can also pray
At Primrose Hospice

So we’d like to say a big “Thank you”
For all the things that you say and do.
You all are kindness, through and through
At Primrose Hospice

From the lady who greets us with a smile
To the cooks and cleaners, and therapists, while…
We include the transport drivers too,
You are all included in our big “THANK YOU”!
At Primrose Hospice

By Joan Hackley